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If you enjoy making your own Cards, Altered Books, or Embellishing your Scrapbook pages… items created from these handmade non-flexible clay molds work perfect, as your finished piece will have a flat back, perfect for attaching to anything! Consider making craft tags or candle wax embeds! Do you Like making your own Jewelry? There are countless projects to make from your casted pieces, everything from Hair Accessories to Broaches, and Earrings, far too many projects to consider! Need a Filigree or Jewelry base Mold to start your project? Casted Faces Make an excellent starter base for some Wild Creations, adding other items such as glitter, sequins, beads, feathers, etc. to create your own unique piece! See our Gallery for more ideas! Be Inspired!
We offer both “Clay Push Molds” and “Flexible Molds!” Molds offer an incredible amount of projects that can be created. Many one-of-a-kind molds that can’t be found anywhere else! We have a huge assortment, so there’s something for everyone.
1 . Our easy instructions shows you how step-by-step. 2 . Clay provides the highest quality images. 3 . We provide many one-of-a-kind molds that can not be found anywhere. 4 . Each mold is leveled for easy filling. 5 . New molds are introduced regularly. 6 . We take custom mold requests when possible. If we can find it, or you can send it, we will make a mold out of it. 7 . All products are packaged safe and securely. 8 . We offer molds by special order. 9 . All molds are carefully packaged in bubble-wrap. 1 0 . Free Discount Offer with every order. QUALITY ASSURANCE We make these molds individually one-by-one, each handmade mold is inspected, and needs to meet high standard before shipping to you. Our unique process insures a clean, smooth and uniform mold. The items that we choose to mold are based on minimal undercuts when being molded, insuring you a quality casted piece. Photo Disclaimer: Unlike manufactured products, handmade items are not all exactly alike. This is what makes them unique. Although the mold will be the same one pictured, there may be slight variations that do not affect the use of our molds. If you have any special requests concerning this, please email us and acceptable changes can be made. These are stock photos and molds are made as they are sold.
People love the feeling of getting a great deal to save money. Molds can be a great value to you, by allowing you to create a multitude of castings with just one mold. Also consider the many ways to use molds on our “Creative Ideas Page” to get the most out of your molds. Here’s just a few reasons why molds are a great value. Save by making your own embellishments, instead of purchasing them new. Save by making an endless supply of castings for your favorite projects. Save by staying home, instead of going out for your entertainment and relaxation. Save by selling your creations, as an extra income for your family. Save by using many everyday items found around your house as molding tools. Save by creating personal gifts, instead of purchasing store bought.
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Renaissance Medallion
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Ornate Victorian Medallion
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Precious Metal Clay to design fine jewelry. Liquid Polymer Clay to create delicate filigree eggs. Plaster of Paris & Ceramic to embellish flower pots. Polymer Sculpey, Premo & Fimo Clays to hand make Christmas ornaments. Resin to insert a photo to memorize special memories. Wax to embellish a bridal candle. Air-Dry Clay & Playdoh to entertain children for hours. Bread Base Clays such as Bread Dough for school kids to make trinkets as Christmas gifts. Paper Casting, Paper Pulp or Paperclay to embellish paper crafts such as scrapbooking or greeting cards Pewter to cast one-of-a-kind sewing buttons. Friendly Plastic to personalized girls hair clips or necklace pendants. Cake Decorating Fondant, Gumpaste & Candy to decorate special occasion cakes and cupcakes. Cornstarch Base Clays such as Cold Porcelain, Victorian salt clay, and pasta francesa to create adorable refrigerator magnets. Gun Gun Glue to make artificial wax seals for invitation envelopes. Bone China to create fairy garden props. Solid Scented Balm to shape solid perfume contained by an ornate locket. Porcelain Slip to resemble a vintage cameo brooch. Fused Glass to accent stain glass sun catchers.