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About Us
About Us
I Love To Create.....
As I got older, I immersed myself in as many arts and crafts mediums as I could. As a young child I was always amazing people with my creations using Etch a sketch, Play-doh, Lite-Bright, Shrinky Dinks and Spirogragh. I gave many of my creations away as gifts and I enjoyed seeing the smiles it brought to my friends and family. As a child, my small tiny fingers were perfect for quilling, which led to making church bulletin paper beads! I also did some weaving, string art and all those types of crafts that were popular back in the day. Eventually I started working in craft stores demonstrating all types of wearable arts, window display and enjoyed instructing craft classes. I couldn’t believe they were paying me to have so much fun! There haven’t been many mediums that I haven’t tried over the years, but polymer clay has definitely been my medium of choice. I love creating with mixed media and adding a variety of mediums to my polymer clay artwork.
We opened Mad About Molds in 2004 and gradually increased our mold line ever since. We have a huge assortment of molds in many categories, so there’s something for everyone. Molds are so fun, with an incredible amount of projects that can be created. We offer many one-of-a-kind molds that can’t be found anywhere else! This is unique to many other companies, whose molds are manufactured.
I plan to share lots of my new creations here so check back often. I hope you enjoy your time with us and come back often! Our hope is that people enjoy using our molds in their own creative ways. It’s fun to see all the different things people can create with just one mold. Great minds don’t all think alike! Molds makes it easy to express our unique style.
I love this quote, “Without passion, you cannot succeed”. I really believe that. I took something I was truly passionate about, which is “Being Creative” and made it into my career and life. I had a discussion recently with a friend and we were talking about being a happy person. I definitely consider myself a happy person and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am living my passion. I love what I do and was able to create the life I wanted. I think that everyone has issues and struggles through life… that’s just natural, so you need to find ways to enjoy life. Everyone needs to have a hobby. I always believed this, because sometimes you need to get away from it all, and do things that make you happy. Life is too short not to enjoy it. Make your life a happy life that’s full of passion!
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